NARDA STS designs, develops, and manufactures calibration, test and measurement equipment. In addition, NARDA STS offers calibration for a large number of products formerly manufactured by other companies.
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Not available

ModelDescriptionManufacturing StatusRepair
1001Impedance Network, 220V, 16ADiscontinued since January 2008
10033-phase Impedance Network, 25ADiscontinued since January 2008
3000Signal generator 10 kHz - 1 GHzDiscontinued.
Replaced by 3010/3030
6000Linear amplifier RF 9kHz - 230 MHz, 10WDiscontinued since January 2010.
Replaced by 6000N
6000Nlinear amplifier RF 9kHz - 230 MHz, 10/15WDiscontinued since April 2017.
Replaced by PA6002
6600 + 6485RF Power meter for EMC application; RS485 output with RS232 adapterDiscontinued.
Replaced by 6630
7000EMI Receiver 9kHz -1000 MHzDiscontinued since March 2013
7010/00EMI CISPR Receiver 150 kHz ÷ 1000 MHz Pre complianceDiscontinued since January 2021. Replaced by 7010/01
8000EMI Receiver 9kHz -1000 MHzDiscontinued
8000 plusEMI Receiver 9 kHz-1.2GHz; tracking generator built-inDiscontinued since March 2000
8010 WinEmi Receiver 9kHz -30 MHzDiscontinued
8030 WinEmi Receiver 30 MHz - 1000 MHzDiscontinued
8051Field Metering unit.Discontinued
8052Field Metering unit.Discontinued
8053Field Metering unit.Discontinued
8053AField Metering unit.Discontinued since October 2004. Replaced by 8053B
8053 GPSOption GPSDiscontinued
8055 (Every version 2 cells, 4 cells, IND)Broadband Area MonitorDiscontinued since October 2016. Replaced by AMB-8059
8055 FUBBroadband Area MonitorDiscontinued since December 2003
8056RF Safety AnalyzerDiscontinued since January 2017
8057Area Monitor Remote station (AMB and FUB)Discontinued since January 2016. Replaced by AMB-8059
9000EMI Receiver 9kHz-1,2GHz; tracking generator built-in, RS232 +WIN9000Discontinued since March 2005. Replaced by 9010
9000/clickClick option for PMM 9000Discontinued since March 2005
9000/GPIBEMI Receiver 9kHz-1,2GHz; tracking generator built-inDiscontinued since March 2005
10 Hz ÷ 30 MHz
Discontinued since January 2021. Replaced by 9010F
9010 Click 4EFour Channels Click Meter OptionDiscontinued since May 2018. Replaced by CA-0010
AD-7000Active antenna for PMM 7000Discontinued
AMS-8060Selective area monitorDiscontinued since June 2015. Replaced by AMS-8061
BA-01Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-02Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-03Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-04Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-05Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-06Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-07Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
BA-08Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
EHP-200Isotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued since January 2011. Replaced by EHP-200A
EHP-50Isotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued
EHP-50AIsotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued
EHP-50BIsotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued Replaced by EHP-50C
EHP-50CIsotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued since January 2015.
EHP-50DIsotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued since January 2015. Replaced by EHP-50F
EHP-50EIsotropic E&H-Field AnalyzerDiscontinued since July 2015. Replaced by EHP-50G
EP-115Isotropic E-Field Sensor Discontinued
EP-3DBIsotropic DUAL E-Field Sensor 100kHz-800MHz/3GHz sensitivity: 0,25V/m.Discontinued
EP-3DB FUBIsotropic DUAL E-Field Sensor 100kHz-800MHz/3GHz sensitivity: 0,25V/m.Discontinued
EP-3TBIsotropic TRI E-Field Sensor 100kHz - 3GHz/100kHz-860MHz/925
MHz-3 GHz; 0,5V/m – 300 V/m
EP-645Electric Field Probe 100 kHz - 6.25 GHzDiscontinued since February 2011
L1-150One Line Single Phase LISN 150ADiscontinued Replaced by L1-150M
L2-102-Phase LISN 10ADiscontinued
L2-162-Phase LISN 16ADiscontinued since January 2001
L2-16ATwo Line Single Phase LISN, 16A, 50 Ohm//(5 Ohm+50mH). 9kHz - 30 MHzDiscontinued since June 2006. Replaced by L2-16B
L2-252-Phase LISN 25ADiscontinued
L3-253-Phase LISN 25ADiscontinued
LP-01Log Periodic Antenna 200MHz-1200MHzDiscontinued
OR-01Optical repeater.Discontinued since January 2000
OR-02Optical repeater.Discontinued Replaced by OR-03
PA-01Preamplifier for PMM 8030Discontinued
SB-04Automatic switching box Discontinued since February 2016
Station 2600 (every version)Discontinued since October 2016. Replaced by AMB-8059

Last modification of this table happened the May 5, 2023