9010F – FFT receiver full compliance 10 Hz– 30 MHz

The 9010F is an EMI receiver based on an analog-digital conversion and an advanced data processing using the FFT spectrum frequency analysis in full compliance with all the tests required in CISPR 16-1- 1.

The FFT technology allows for real-time data, this excludes the loss of data within the analyzed band.

The 9010F is also equipped with all the filters and the detectors in full accordance with the law with the CISPR and MIL-STD standards.

The frequency range of the 9010F can be expanded up to 18 GHz thanks to the use of external units 9030, 9060 and 9180.


English Manual

English manual Emission Suite



Software Emission Suite

CISPR Conducted emissions 9 kHz – 30 MHz
RBW 200 Hz / 9 kHz; Det. QP, C-Avg; Hold time 1s






CISPR Conducted emissions 30 – 1000 MHz
RBW 120 kHz; Det. QP, C-Avg; Hold time 1s

Application Note (Smart Detector)

Application Note (Table-Mast control)