Radio amateur event

On the occasion of the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of PMM Costruzioni Elettroniche, (now incorporated in the multinational L3 Technologies under the name Narda Safety Test Solutions Srl), a radio amateur event is organized by the “historical” employees to activate the company held from 16 to 24 June 2018 with the special name II1PMM.


The special station can only be connected once for each band, regardless of the emission mode.

Period: from 00:00 UTC of 16 June 2018 to 23:59 UTC of 24 June 2018

Bands: 80-40-20-15-10-6 mt

Mode : SSB

QSL: via ARI bureau – e-QSL – by mail on request

To receive the memorial QSL, OM and SWL have to connect / listen to the special II1PMM station at least on one band. All QSL cards are sent through the ARI bureau and through e-QSL, the OM and SWL not registered to the association request the postcard by sending their QSL with a pre-paid envelope to IW1RCU at NARDA-STS via Benessea 29 / b 17035 Cisano on the Neva (SV) ITALY

Diploma: To obtain the Diploma it is necessary that every OM / SWL has connected / listened to the special II1PMM station on at least THREE amateur radio bands, the diploma will be sent by mail.

All diplomas will be issued / sent starting from 30 July 2018

IW1RCU Alessandro – QSL Manager – operator

I1WSM Silvano – operator

IZ2GAQ Domenico – operator

IK1HSL Livio – operator

IK1MHJ Franco – operator

IK1WJI Gigi – operator

Rotating operating frequencies:

Band 80mt – 3680 khz – SSB

Band 40mt – 7130 khz – SSB

Band 20mt – 14220 khz – SSB

Band 15mt – 21220 khz – SSB

Band 10mt – 28480 khz – SSB

Band 6mt – 50155 khz – SSB



The commemorative QSL for 50 years of PMM

Our story started back in 1968, when Salvatore Giulio Nicolosi, a graduate in Economics and Business but above all a passionate radio amateur with the initials I1PMM, began to assemble in his home warehouse, in Diano Gorleri (IM), the first Radio Frequency equipment intended for amateur radio. The products were marked PMM.


Among the products of the time we like to remember the transceiver the RT 2Z 144 MHz 10 W of 1971, appeared several times in various Italian crime films of the time, and the transceiver ‘Mac Carenda’ (in the image on the right with the amplifier L28 / ME), for the City Bands, which hid in the name to the Scottish, fashionable among the apparatuses of the time, the address of the PMM moved in 1971 in the Carenda Region of Rapalline in Campochiesa (SV), in a the most appropriate venue for the growing volume of business. Even the PMM brand, as seen in some of the adverts of the time, has evolved over the years, reflecting this continuous growth, always under the sign of that originality of design that still distinguishes the company.

In the mid-seventies, the volcanic and forward-looking Nicolosi changed production and devoted himself entirely to the nascent phenomenon of Free Commercial Radio, to the point that PMM can boast the first transmitter approved by the Italian and Belgian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

A further step forward leads PMM to be, in May 1980, one of the first SIT accredited laboratories (and the only one still in operation), now called Accredia LAT 008, for the electric fields, power and voltage frequencies at Radio Frequency, and a few years later became the first EMC laboratory recognized by the American FCC in Italy. All of this will give a strong impetus to the start of production of the instruments for the detection and measurement of EMC interference and for environmental safety that have created the interest of L3 Technologies for our company.p>