Quality System

Quality at Narda STS is a promise to our customers to provide products and services which not only meet our own requirements and expectations but also fully satisfy those of our customers as respects performance and reliability. In doing so, we aim for competitive prices that cover our costs and ensure adequate profits to enable us to develop innovative, high quality new products.

Our products are unquestionably suitable for their specified applications. This is ensured by our product management as well as by suitable test and calibration methods, which more than meet the high demands of the occupational safety market.

Narda STS places great weight on individual responsibility when it comes to the highly demanding quality requirements of our customers. By dividing the responsibility for individual processes within the company among all employees, we have ensured broad acceptance and implementation of the fundamental principles of quality. This guarantees that the results of our labors are characterized by high quality. By avoiding errors and continually improving our processes, we have achieved the degree of faultlessness and economic efficiency for which our products are renowned.